Tax Valuation Inc.
Based in Lincoln, Nebraska
Partnering with MIPS improves the services being available to Nebraska Counties.
Rural Properties

Joe Wilson

Tax Valuation Inc.

Ron Elliott

Tax Valuation Inc., is a full service valuation and consulting company owned by Joe Wilson and Ron Elliott. The owners have a total of more than 75 years experience in appraisal and ad valorem valuation. A partnership contract has been signed between MIPS Inc. and  Tax Valuation Inc (TVI) for appraiser services for all Nebraska counties.

MIPS and TVI will be working to provide ways for counties to obtain appraisal expertise for all areas of mass appraisal. As with all MIPS products, the impetus behind this partnership is to bring more efficiency to counties in this time of budget constraints. TVI and MIPS will be working on solutions that will assist in all facets of the tax valuation process.

By working together, the staffs of MIPS and TVI will be creating options for all 93 counties that have never existed before. We believe this partnership will evolve into a model that will save counties time and money for their mass appraisal needs.

Many ideas have already been discussed on how to help all 93 counties with the mass appraisal and tax valuation process. Many more will be rolled out in the future. This partnership  will provide Nebraska counties an opportunity to obtain needed appraisal expertise. MIPS Inc and Tax Valuation Inc are Nebraska corporations.

Statistical Maintenance Plan

Let us do the work to alleviate your stress and worry of the year end statistical sales/ ratio analysis.


1 . Verification and review of all sales within the state mandated sales window - two years for residential and three years for ag and commercial
2. Calculate updated and accurate sales ratio analysis
3. Prepare a concise report indicating any and all problem areas that need adjustment
4. Arrive at a solution for each problem area or class of property


A. Regression Analysis
B. Depreciation Tables
C. New Land Or Lot Values
D. Overall New Values
E. Will Defend Values Arrived At

Nebraska Counties Using TVI's Services


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